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About Lo

My yoga journey was not by accident, it was an intuitive way of living. I had a yearning to understand the connection of the body, mind, and spirit. I was that person always reading non-fiction books about life, self-help, human relationships, growth, and organic living. Eventually, I found my way to yoga. The guidance of an experienced teacher helps to shape things. My first true experience of this “yoga” practice happened unexpectedly at the end of class when I started to cry in savasana and did not completely understand why. The teacher graciously said sometimes it just happens in yoga. That wasn’t enough for me. The experience left me speechless and euphoric, I wanted to understand more. Years later, I am realizing that I had a somatic experience. This realization helped shape me into the teacher I have grown to be today.



"I had a great experience in my beach yoga class with Lo! Easy sign-up, great communication, and most importantly - a truly lovely class. The perfect amount of tuning in, breathwork, movement, acessible for all levels. I have been teaching myself for 10 years and can honestly be quite picky about loving a class, but thoroughly enjoyed my beach yoga experience! Thanks, Lo"
- Jessica C.



Laura (Lo) Grabiniski

Phone: 863.274.1218

Naples, FL

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