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About Sheila

Yoga came into my life over 25 years ago. I had hit rock bottom health-wise and was desperate to find healing. Healthy living had been a huge part of my life from a young age up until I became very ill after the birth of my youngest daughter. At least what I had convinced myself was healthy living, however, it was later diagnosed as anorexia, which is a restriction of food to the point of starvation, and bulimia, also a form of starvation and, for me, by way of over-exercising. Turns out, stuffing a deep dark secret from everyone in your life, like 13 years of sexual abuse by 2 uncles, is not healthy. Come to find out that, in fact suppressed trauma is known to rear its ugly head after giving birth and/or in your early 30’s. I was both. I ended up hospitalized after a mental, physical, and spiritual breakdown. I was down to 89 pounds, just skin, and bones. A young mom, broken, depressed, and desperate to find a way to care for my babies again. Healing has come slowly, through many different modalities and so many years later. My faith in God got me through and on my mat, during my yoga practice, is where He would meet with me most often.

We all try yoga for different reasons. As I mentioned, I tried it hoping to find relief from pain, but what I found is so much more. I found peace and a new connection between mind and body as I learned to tune out old negative recordings in my head and tune in to what my body was trying to tell me. I found new inner strength as I learned to push myself in ways that I didn’t know were possible. My heart has been filled with joy and I have learned to let go of the things that do not serve me. The list is never ending of the many benefits we can receive through our yoga practice. We are lifelong students. There is no finish line to cross. There are only infinite possibilities of what we can become, of ways we can serve one another and our planet. Yoga has become a part of who I am, and teaching is one of the ways I feel I can contribute to society and serve others.

I am passionate about sharing what has helped transform my life in a way that allows me to live more consciously. I can’t imagine trying to navigate my way through life without it. It is my intention to create a space where everyone feels welcome to explore and discover all the benefits yoga has to offer. In my class, you can expect to feel safe and supported as I present challenges and inspiration to help deepen your yoga practice both on and off that mat. I offer clear concise instruction while focusing on alignment and breath. I enjoy helping my students advance through verbal and physical adjustments. It is my hope that every student leaves feeling refreshed and nourished. I enjoy teaching in a classroom setting and I love helping students one on one through private lessons. I am honored to be even a small part of the journey that leads to growth, peace, healing, and ultimately the gift of unwrapping of the true self.

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