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Laura Grabinski - Lo's Yoga, Naples FL
Laura Grabinski - Lo's Yoga, Naples FL

How did Lo’s Yoga come to life?
I started teaching yoga because it made me feel like everything was ok within me and around me. The best way I could explain, it’s like that very first bite of your favorite gelato on vacation in Italy. Blissful. You slow down and take it in with all of your senses one by one. It reminds you to simply enjoy the basic things in life again. Yoga helped me find my way back to me. Anyone can practice yoga. You don’t need any experience or a certain skill. There are many different teachers and styles, there is something for all.

Many people often try yoga for the stress relief and psychological benefits. Although I was casually aware of those benefits, my personal introduction to yoga came as a result of a need related to my physical health. In 2011, over a dozen MRI scan’s revealed I had spots on my brain and cervical spine. I have a neurological condition related to MS called Transverse Myelitis. Through the course of seeking multiple expert medical opinions, yoga kept coming up as a known source of relief. I made up my mind, I would try a homeopathic approach to heal. Yoga continues to heal me and teaching it enables me to help others receive this healing physically

I teach Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Yoga for golfers and I am a personal trainer. I know that list seems long but when you love what you do, you can’t help but want to learn everything. Just like that gelato, you will always have your favorite flavor but it is always fun to be adventurous and try new ones. That’s yoga to me. It feeds my soul.

I try to keep the yoga talk light because it is foreign to most people. It’s whatever you want it to be. It becomes your practice. Yoga can be a way of healing, a way to lose weight, lower stress and blood pressure, relive pain, ease arthritis, become more limber, become a better golfer or tennis player. It also teaches you to meditate. The list is endless. Give it more than one shot.  There will be a teacher or class you fall in love with. Like that favorite flavor of gelato you have to have when you first arrive on your summer vacation. Mine is Lemon Granita, in a cup, sitting on the beach in Italy.  Sigh…..

The first time you do anything it can be overwhelming. The pay off is priceless.

What type of class do you teach?
The most important thing to me is that my classes are approachable and not intimidating. I encourage laughs and the whole family can come as you can see we have ages from 18-75 years old. We even have a family of dolphins that have become regulars.  It’s a fun multi-level class full of surprises.
I am a certified Hatha, aqua and golf yoga teacher. I’m also a certified personal trainer. I study relentlessly because I have a passion for becoming a better person and leaving every person I touch better off then they were.

- Namaste
Laura Grabinski (Lo)