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Beach Yoga Classes

Class Schedule
Monday | Wednesday | Friday from 9am-10am with Lo
Tuesday | Thursday from 9am -10am with Shelia

Vanderbilt Beach - Located between beach entrance and Turtle Club (View Map) Towel or blanket recommended.  Weather permitting.  Temp. 55 degrees and above.

Cost: Drop-In $15/class or $50/5 classes
Cash, Online, Gift Card, and Venmo accepted (@Laura-Grabinski)
If you choose to pay online here a processing fee of 3% will incur.


Please make 3-4 rows in front of emergency lane poles. The city of Naples embraces our community yoga class but has asked me to be sure we keep that lane clear in the event.

Years ago when we first started classes on the beach I had doubts people wouldn't take to practicing on the beach.  Many, Many, so many thought beach yoga wouldn't work and that it wouldn't allow for the same space that a more controlled space would offer.  Finally, I am in acceptance, it isn't the same.  It offers more space, fresh air, and perspective.  Beach yoga holds equal space for the seasoned yogi and new practitioner, affordability, torn clothes or Lulu-lemon's latest, kids laughter, intrigued eyes curious about this "yoga" we do, smiles reflecting back at us, dolphins, storms brewing in the distance, grit, and unsteadiness of moving earth beneath.  Beach yoga invites you lingering as long as your day allows you, birds literally singing above you, unexpected wind testing your tree pose, out-loud laughter, and tears, grandmothers, mothers, and granddaughters together in one class, brothers and sisters, a vacation highlight, photo opportunities, dads and daughters, aunts and nieces and nephews, wives with a husband that will actually give it a try because there is an easy out, no script to follow.  Just alignment with our naturally occurring elements and reflecting love and honesty. I LOVE THIS.....Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your journey and for being a part of mine.



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