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About Lo

Why Yoga?
My yoga journey was not by accident, it was an intuitive way of living. I had a yearning to understand the connection of the body, mind, and spirit. I was that person always reading non-fiction books about life, self-help, human relationships, growth, and organic living. Eventually, I found my way to yoga. The guidance of an experienced teacher helps to shape things. My first true experience of this “yoga” practice happened unexpectedly at the end of class when I started to cry in savasana and did not completely understand why. The teacher graciously said sometimes it just happens in yoga. That wasn’t enough for me. The experience left me speechless and euphoric, I wanted to understand more. Years later, I am realizing that I had a somatic experience. This realization helped shape me into the teacher I have grown to be today.
In 2011, after my twins were prematurely born at 27 weeks, I got very sick. My left hand and some of the arm went numb. It was a form of paralysis, which is a loss of feeling, strength, and control due to nerves misfiring to the brain and back again. The sensation was like getting an electric shock every time I bent my neck forward. I easily ran out of breath by simply walking to the mailbox. Other incidents occurred that I don’t like to remember, but have had to make peace with.

Eventually, after dozens of MRI scans and specialists, we discovered a lesion on my brain and cervical spine. It was unearthed that I had a neurological condition related to MS called Transverse Myelitis. Through the course of seeking multiple expert medical opinions - yoga and meditation kept coming up as a known source of relief. I made up my mind, I would try a homeopathic approach to heal myself.*  I’d practiced yoga in the past but with no real intention or knowledge. I have since realized that the intention can change an experience at all sheaths or levels.
Yoga is different because of intention. Consistent practice guided me to want to earn my 500-hour RYT so that I can intelligently share this practice with others, with YOU. I teach to the beat of my own drum. I teach from a place of sincerity, Satya (truth), authenticity, with a deep understanding of the human body, and intangible energy that guides me. I respect the history of yoga, embrace its current evolvement, and can only imagine what scientists are going to continue to uncover about the ability of yoga to change each of us at a cellular level. I am a strong believer in hard work and yoga inspires me to continue. Yogis believe that you must put in the hard work without expectations. The heart of yoga can’t simply be read about in a book, you must do the work to truly understand and reap the benefits. I am grateful for yoga and continue to heal and thrive with my practice, modern medicine, and my faith.  

I teach Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Aqua Yoga, Beach Yoga, Yoga for Golfers. Outside of yoga, I am also a certified personal trainer. I know that seems like a long list, but when you love what you do, you can’t help but yearn to want to discover more.  

I try to keep the yoga talk light because it is foreign to most people. Yoga can be adapted to your personal unique goals and belief system because it is all accepting and acknowledging. The practice builds concentration and alertness, a pathway to self-discovery, a way to lose weight and gain lean muscle, lower stress and blood pressure, a practice to aid in trauma, ease pain and arthritis, become more limber, become a better golfer, football player, and grandparent. The list is endless. I urge you to give it more than one shot. If you do, there will be a teacher or class that you will fall in love with.

The first time you do anything it can be overwhelming. The benefits of yoga are priceless. Our physical and mental health truly has no price tag.

What type of class do you teach?
The most important thing to me is that my classes are approachable and non-intimidating. I encourage laughs and wish to create an atmosphere that the whole family can participate in. The age range and capabilities are broad. We not only embrace our human families but have enjoyed sightings of our regular dolphin family as well. It’s a fun multi-level class full of surprises and education.

*As a yoga teacher, I am not allowed to use the word heal unless I’m trained as a yoga therapist. I only use it to describe my personal experience.

- Namaste
Laura Grabinski (Lo)

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