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Bluebill Beach Yoga

“Just when you’ve tasted all the World’s temptations You‘ll have the power to deny them with disdain, And only if you train your mind with studies, You’ll have the wits to know things ever then”- unknown Sutra 1.16 tatparaṃ puruṣakhyāterguṇavaitṛṣṇyam .. 1.16.. 16. That is extreme non-attachment which gives up even the qualities, and comes from the knowledge of (the real nature of) the Purusha. One’s identification with tamasic state is the identification with one’s problem; the identification with rajastic state is the identification with one’s passion or desire, while in terms of the sattvic state this will be the identification with the sense of one’s ability and strength. But all of them, even sattva, are not the genuine Nature (svarupa) of a person. The inner observer (Purusha) stays beyond all these affections and experiences. And this is the state called chitta-vritti-nirodha.

Bluebill Beach will be our TEMPORARY location until Vanderbilt Beach open back up. Pelican Bay Community Park has been wonderful but the beach is calling. By now you know all the precautions to take and you will attend at your own risk. The red tide has subsided as of Saturday morning. One of our own, Michele let me know it only took about 8 1/2 minutes to walk over the bridge for the Conners Parking lot to Bluebill Beach. Conners Parking in right off 111th in Naples Park. There is a person who privately will drive you over the bridge to the beach for a tip. I don't guarantee they will always be there. I have seen there posts on social media. I know a couple of you prefer the park, but my intention was to always return to the beach as soon as possible. I do hope you understand and will continue to support our yoga group. If you have any questions please text me 239-877-1293 or email me . I will add Wednesdays back on the schedule after the holidays. Class Schedule Monday 9am Bluebill Beach Gentle Flow - Lo Tuesday 9am Bluebill Beach Level 2 Flow - Kari Friday 9am Bluebill Beach Hatha Vinyasa Flow- Lo Sheila will be out until January, Kari graciously will be subbing 12/6, 12/15,12/20, 12/22, 1/3 & 1/5 Grey Oaks: Monday Golf Yoga 3pm Hatha Yoga Tuesday 10am

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