Spark to Fire


MARCH 22, 2020 @ 1-2:30- Postponed until further notice.

The spark of yoga begins with curiousity and love for the practice, but can you sense there is a deeper fire emerging? This workshop will clarify the reality of bandhas, or the internal locks of the body that redirect energy to create a lasting inner fire, burning away impurities in the physical and emotional body.


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YogaCAN 2020


APRIL 19, 2020

The community yoga class, JaneCAN, was originally created as an opportunity for family, friends and community to rally and support Jane Waltzer as she and her family faced the challenges of living with breast cancer. Following Jane's passing, her legacy of selfless service continues to live on through the annual YogaCAN event.

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Dynamic Warm-Up
Yoga For Golfers® Peak Performance

Benefits of the YFG Dynamic Warm-Up
• Increases blood flow to the muscles
• Increases the core body temperature
• Prepares the neuromuscular system, supporting better coordination
• Promotes flexibility and strength
• Reduces the risk of injury
• Prepares you mentally and boosts confidence

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