You are a true inspiration and I love every minute with you!


I cannot take another class without wishing Lo was teaching. She is challenging, inspirational, motivational, beautiful, soulful, powerful and at the same time compassionate. Her classes got me through a rough patch in my life emotionally and physically. She is an angel to me!

Marie L.

Laura's classes are the best--they can be as challenging or peaceful as you want them to be, which is why they're so awesome! She gives you different options and you do what you can (and sometimes I'm amazed at what she can get me to do!). She's a great yogi and her excitement about the practice is contagious. I'm a convert, for sure!


Have not been to class due to work and kids activities - you are great with beginners - like me! You were very helpful and kind- helped me relax and enjoy myself! Made it ok to laugh and not take it all too seriously.

Jennifer B.

Laura was so fun and involved. Super nice to work with and made a lasting memory for our entire day, even though she only spent an hour with us. Will hire again!

Jordan C.

Lo your class is always so awesome. It's always different, challenging and rewarding.


Great - amazing teacher, wonderful person! Highly recommend!


I hit my first decent half moon with you today! Thanks! You kicked my butt!


Today you gave me a meditation session by phone! I never in a million years would have thought something like this would be as helpful as it was. I feel so much more at peace right now. You have an amazing ability to help people tap into their inner self. Thank you for today! I wish I lived there so I could go to your classes every day. Who would have thought this would be so good ... OVER THE PHONE! Great job Lo!! Trust her people ... She is fantastic at what she does!!

Lynette Loleski